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The Real Deal

Being in a sorority is NOT what you see on TV and in movies.

Yes, there are social functions, fraternity men and visitors from the inter/national organization, but sorority life does not revolve around these things. It is so much more!

What It Is

  • A life-long support system that provides career and networking opportunities during college and in the real world
  • An organization that values philanthropy and community service
  • A place where women learn to be leaders
  • A place to meet amazing friends who will always be there for you when you need them
  • A place to enjoy formal dances, date parties and other fun social events

What It Is NOT

  • A place that puts your looks and wardrobe ahead of your values and personality
  • Full of ditzy girls who are only out to have a good time
  • A place that will haze you or make you do things against your will
  • Full of rich, spoiled and snobby girls
  • A place that is only interested in your money while you're in school and will forget about you after you graduate

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