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May: A day with mom, a legacy story

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Each year thousands of women go through sorority recruitment hoping to fulfill a family legacy or to begin their own. Many women join the same organizations as their sisters, mothers and grandmothers; but many women also join different organizations and begin a Panhellenic legacy. This month, features two women with two different legacies, one traditional and one Panhellenic. Caitlin Moulton and her mother, Betty Steiger-Moulton, rarely go a day without talking. Their relationship was enhanced by their mutual involvement in sorority life. Betty was a colonizing member of the Zeta Xi Chapter of Alpha Xi Delta at Auburn University, so when Caitlin decided to attend Auburn, participating in sorority recruitment seemed natural. During the recruitment process, Caitlin never felt pressured to follow in Betty’s footsteps. Instead, her family encouraged her to find her own place to call home. Caitlin found that place in Zeta Tau Alpha, and Betty has supported her every step of the way. Caitlin and Betty are both proud sorority women who set a positive example for Panhellenic mother and daughter relationships across the country. Going into college, Marci Kolb knew that she wanted to be in a sorority ? she just wasn’t sure which one. She met the women of Pi Beta Phi during first semester and knew they were great, but she wasn’t sure if she wanted to follow in her mother’s Pi Phi footsteps. By the time recruitment rolled around in January, Marci struggled between choosing Pi Beta Phi and starting a Panhellenic legacy with another chapter. However, as each day progressed, Marci’s decision became clear. The women Marci ran to on Bid Day were her new sisters, and Marci now wears her mother’s Pi Beta Phi pin at chapter meetings and events. By choosing Pi Beta Phi, Marci has embarked on her own journey and continued her family legacy. Participating in sorority recruitment can be a wonderful experience. Marci’s and Caitlin’s stories illustrate the power of a positive Panhellenic outlook when participating in recruitment. Unfortunately, not all potential new members have supportive parents like Marci’s and Caitlin’s. Trusting your instincts and making the decision that is right for you is extremely important. It doesn’t matter whether you are a traditional legacy, a Panhellenic legacy or the first in your family to “go Greek” ? joining a sorority can enhance your overall collegiate experience.

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