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The Different Faces of Recruitment

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Sorority recruitment is unique to each campus. Some campuses use what's known as fully structured recruitment (FSR), some use partially structured recruitment (PSR) and some use a hybrid of minimally structured recruitment (MSR) and continuous recruitment (CR). Depending on the campus, recruitment occurs in the fall, in the spring or year round.

Deciding to participate in recruitment can be daunting, especially when there are so many different types. To help demystify the recruitment process, here is information about each form.


Fully structured recruitment: FSR is exactly what it sounds like ¾ formal and structured. Potential new members (PNMs) are required to complete a registration process, attend an open house or information session and attend all rounds of recruitment. Each PNM is assigned a recruitment counselor, an active sorority woman who counsels and guides her through the recruitment process. FSR is typically used on campuses with anywhere from four to 26 National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) organizations and where more than 10 percent of female students are affiliated with a sorority.


Partially structured recruitment: PSR is a relaxed but structured form of recruitment. College Panhellenic officers and recruitment counselors hold multiple orientation sessions and open house events to generate interest in sorority life and educate PNMs. PNMs are required to register for recruitment and must attend at least one event from every sorority. Preference round is by invitation only. PSR is usually used on campuses with three to nine NPC chapters and a small to midsize fraternity/sorority community.


Minimally structured recruitment: MSR is an informal type of recruitment. For MSR, the College Panhellenic holds marketing events such as open houses or orientations to educate PNMs on sorority life and generate interest in the fraternal community. PNMs are not required to attend all chapter events; they may pick and choose which chapters they would like to visit. MSR is usually used on campuses with two to five NPC chapters and a small fraternity/sorority community.


Continuous recruitment: CR, also known a continuous open bidding (COB), is the least structured type of recruitment. It can be used in conjunction with other recruitment types or stand alone. CR is used on campuses that have a small fraternity/sorority community ¾ usually one to three NPC sororities. Registration for CR may or may not be required, and interested women should contact the office of fraternity and sorority life for information on registration. PNMs can choose to attend events with only one sorority or multiple sororities on their campus.


To learn more about sorority recruitment on your campus, check out the information online or contact the office of fraternity and sorority life. The staff members can give you recruitment information, let you know about registration and answer any other questions about recruitment

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