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Recruitment Tips: You Will Likely Have This Conversation

Friday, August 01, 2014

Recruitment is a time for potential new members (PNMs) to become acquainted with sorority women on campus and learn more about the chapters. If you are wondering what recruitment entails, get ready to talk! Throughout the recruitment period, you will have many conversations with sorority women from various backgrounds. The idea is for you to learn about the sorority culture on your campus and get a feel for which organization may be the best fit for you. Ready for some recruitment tips?

1.      Be yourself. This can’t be stressed enough when going through the recruitment process. It’s extremely important that you present yourself in an accurate light, so that you find an organization where you will always feel comfortable. Remember, recruitment is a mutual selection process. The women you speak with want to know whether you will be a good match with their organization just as much as you want to know if you will fit in with them. During your conversations, share something that makes you unique or special. Don’t be afraid to speak openly about what you are looking for in your sorority experience. 

2.      Keep an open mind. If, for some reason, you already have ideas about different organizations on your campus, try to push them aside during recruitment. Have genuine and honest conversations with the women you speak with from each chapter so you can form your own opinions. If you believe that you aren't interested in a specific group, be polite and kind. Have a normal conversation. You may find that once you relax, you can enjoy your time simply getting to know new people. You also may find that you have much more in common than you originally anticipated.  

3.      Ask questions. Recruitment is a mutual selection process, so be sure to get the information you want and need from the conversations. Take time to look at chapter and inter/national sorority websites, so that you can find out more about what each group does. Ask about things that help you discern whether the chapter’s values match yours.

4.      Have the three F’s¾ friends, family and future  ¾ as topics in your back pocket. If you can't think of anything that you would like to talk about, turn to one of these topics and you'll have a way to make a connection.

In general, just remember that recruitment is a time to meet new people, and the chapter members are nervous too. Simply put on a smile, have fun and follow your heart.

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