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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Have you ever wondered what a real sorority woman looks like? Chances are you’ve already seen one and didn’t even know it. Sorority women are everywhere! They’re in the entertainment business, professional athletics, the government, the fashion industry, nonprofits and corporations. Carrie Underwood, Sophia Bush, Jennifer Garner and Lucy Lui are just a few of the sorority women you may have already seen on the big screen. But the talent of sorority women goes beyond just performing; their contributions are also behind the scenes as directors, writers and cartoonists. Many women have also taken their talents to Broadway. Others have used their skills to become major names in the fashion industry. Kate Spade and Betsey Johnson are great examples of successful designers who are sorority women. But some designers aren’t directly associated with their fashion lines by name. The mastermind behind Vera Bradley is sorority woman, president and co-owner Patricia Miller. Sorority women also have worked their way into high-profile positions in largely male-dominated industries. NPC alumnae hold ownership positions in NBA and MLB teams. Female communications professionals are journalists and reporters for both ESPN and the NFL Network. The passions and interests of sorority women are as diverse as the women in each chapter. Some professions held by Panhellenic women include author, astronaut, news anchor and magazine editor. Sorority women are passionate, educated females with strong values, great ideas and a large support system. Regardless of the field they are involved in, each woman has achieved remarkable personal accomplishments.

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