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Sorority: A social experience

Monday, December 01, 2014

A sorority offers many benefits, including friendship, sisterhood and leadership skills. One  great advantage is the opportunity to attend and, in some cases, plan social events. Many sororities hold formal dances, but a chapter’s social calendar offers much more.

Whatever form they take, social events are about relaxing with your sisters outside the normal routine of studying and other daily tasks. Chapters often organize informal events for sisters to get away from campus and bond with each other. Activities can be as varied as bowling, picking apples in the fall or ice-skating in winter. Sisters also plan smaller gatherings, such as grabbing dinner on a Saturday, having an impromptu movie night or attending a campus sporting event. The possibilities are countless.

In addition to having fun with your own sorority sisters, you have opportunities to socialize with other sororities, fraternities or organizations on campus. Many schools offer intramural sports, which provide a great way to meet other students. Sororities can pair up to have a meal together or attend an event on campus like a speaker or play. Philanthropy events are another great way to make friends in other organizations, while serving others. When you join a chapter, you automatically become part of the Panhellenic community, which includes every sorority on your campus.

No matter the event, a big part of the sorority experience involves spending time with your sisters, getting to know them and making memories. By becoming a member of a sorority you will have many opportunities to meet new people and try new things. 

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