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Understanding how a sorority is structured

Thursday, January 01, 2015

When you join a sorority you are not just joining the local chapter at your college or university, but you are becoming one of the many women who are members of an inter/national organization. At first it can be a bit confusing to understand how your organization functions in relation to your chapter. Here is an overview to help you understand how it all fits together.

Each member organization has an inter/national headquarters, which is there to support its collegians, alumnae, inter/national officers and volunteers. Depending on the organization how many people work in the headquarters office may vary, but all sorority’s headquarters are composed of different executive, administrative and support services. Some key members of the inter/national headquarters staff are traveling leadership consultants. These are women who just graduated from college, and spend their time traveling from chapter to chapter providing education and support. In addition, each sorority has volunteer leadership that varies. All of them have some form of inter/national council or board that direct the strategic initiatives of the sorority and work directly with the staff to accomplish the goals of the organization. These volunteers and staff members work hard every day to achieve success and meet the high standards of the organizations.

In addition, each inter/national has some type of regional leadership. This varies from sorority to sorority, but there are staff members or volunteers who are experts in the area of sorority life providing education and support to collegiate chapters. This group works more directly with chapters and local advisors on their day-to-day operations.

Speaking of local advisors, collegiate chapters work with volunteers alumnae advisers who share their time and talents with a chapter. These women are mentors to chapter members and show chapter members one way to stay involved for a lifetime.

There are many levels to the structure of a sorority, but these are some of the basics. Just know that if you join, there are lifetime involvement opportunities within the organization, and those lifetime members will be there to support you as a collegian.

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