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Finding a Balance: Sorority Life and Time Management

Monday, February 02, 2015

College students are busy. It’s a fact. Sorority members are involved in organizations, clubs and sports teams. They have internships and jobs. With all that involvement, they are often asked, “How do you balance sorority life with academics, work and your other commitments?”

Sorority life is a commitment, but more than that, it’s a rewarding experience that members want to make time for. Members are expected to attend weekly chapter meetings, philanthropy and other events on campus. Members may also participate in a variety of leadership and volunteer positions which require additional time. Sorority women manage to find a balance between their outside commitments and their primary reason for being on campus: academics.

The first step toward finding that balance is knowing your academic schedule and what is expected in your classes. On the first day when the professors hand out the syllabi, mark important due dates in your planner or calendar. Also, as soon as you can, add your sorority events and other organization events. Pay special attention to when assignments or projects overlap. Work backwards from assignment due dates and exam dates to make a plan. Then you’ll know what each week and month of the term looks like and you can budget your time appropriately.

Remember, you do not have to be involved in everything! It is okay to pick and choose organizations based on your course load for the term or year. You have four years to take advantage and be involved in various groups and programs on campus. Employers are looking to see that you participated and maintained a commitment, but they don’t expect you to be Wonder Woman. They want to see that you made the best choices for  your success. That may mean that if you’re serving as a chapter officer this term, you don’t accept the presidency in another organization.

In addition, make sure to have fun! Being successful in college means working hard while also making time for yourself. It’s good to spend time with friends for an impromptu movie night or shopping trip. Connecting with others and building friendships is what college is all about. 

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