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Sisterhood Abroad

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Sisterhood Abroad

Studying abroad can be a huge part of the undergraduate experience. Many colleges and universities encourage their students to consider studying internationally in some form before they graduate. Leaving a college or university that feels like home may seem daunting at first, especially if you are leaving sisters behind, but there are ways to celebrate sisterhood abroad that make the experience even more special.


Rarely does the study abroad experience mean staying in one place for an entire semester. Depending on your location, you may find it very easy to travel to other places when you study abroad. Why not take the opportunity to visit sisters in the process? Seeing familiar faces might make you feel a little closer to home. Think about whether you have any sorority sisters near you, and make plans to visit one another if possible.

Find out whether your national headquarters keeps track of members who are studying abroad each semester. You might have access to a Facebook group or email list of sisters who will be near you, and those resources could help you make connections while traveling. It’s a great way to meet new sisters!

Meeting new sisters

Airports are also fun places to meet new sisters. If you wear something with your letters on it whenever you travel, you are almost guaranteed to meet someone who shares them. People from other countries may not understand what those Greek letters mean, but you never know who you will run into.

Staying in Touch

There are probably things and events that you will miss about your school and your chapter when you are abroad. Are you going to be gone during big events like recruitment? Luckily, technology makes it even easier to feel like you are there. See whether some of your sisters can set up a Skype call with you during the new member reveal. The same is true for the little things, such as your big sister’s birthday, homecoming or a random dinner at the chapter house. Working around time differences can be challenging, but seeing a sister’s face, even through a screen, can help you feel like you aren’t missing out on anything.

Another fun way to keep in touch with sisters back home is to send postcards from places that you visit. Doing this serves two functions—they get to see pictures of what you are doing, and you get to tell them all about your adventures. 

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