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Making Connections With Your Recruitment Group

Monday, June 01, 2015

Some campuses hold recruitment in the fall, while others recruit in the spring. Regardless of when your institution’s recruitment takes place, it’s an exciting time to meet new people and make new friends. Even if you’re on the fence about joining a sorority, you should still consider participating in recruitment. Recruitment is more than finding the sorority you will call home for a lifetime. It’s an experience.

During the process you’ll meet a variety of women and learn about their passions, campus involvement and why they joined a sorority or why they’re considering it. Recruitment is an opportunity to get to know women on your campus you may never meet otherwise.

During recruitment you are placed in a recruitment group led by one or more recruitment counselors. A recruitment counselor is a sorority woman who serves as an unbiased guide. Recruitment counselors are a resource for you to ask questions about sorority life on campus and discuss your concerns about joining a sorority. A recruitment counselor has been through the process and understands how you may be feeling.

Your recruitment group will also include other potential new members. These women will go through the day-to-day process with you. Take time to get to know them as you explore your values together while searching for a sorority that is the right fit. You’ll probably discover things that you have in common, or you may learn something about your campus. Your peers in the process are also a great resource, whether it’s to discuss your concerns or even your attire. It’s possible that you’ll make a new friend who may or may not be in your sorority chapter when recruitment ends, and you’ll always have that bond.

Sororities are composed of many different women with varying personalities and interests. When you go through recruitment, keep an open mind about each chapter and your fellow potential new members.  If you participate in recruitment and find a chapter that is right for you, you’re not only joining a chapter but also a community. 

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