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Saturday, August 01, 2015

Sisterhood is the glue binding a sorority together. It is the foundation that each member organization is built on. Being in a sorority is being part of something bigger. It is an organization that brings diverse women together who share the same values and rituals. It is a place where you will find your best friends who will love you no matter what, it is a network of support, and it is a place where you never have to be alone. 

Sisterhood is being yourself. Everyone has their own beliefs, doubts and flaws. Sisterhood looks past outward appearances, the things you say when you’re mad, the messes we all make and the tears you shed. Being part of a sisterhood means that you don’t have to hide your real self. Your sisters will accept you as you are. Sisters don’t pass judgment. 

Sisterhood is accountability. Your sisters know the best person that you can be and are by your side to help you be that person at all times. It may be a sister encouraging you to look over your exam study guide one more time before you go to sleep or asking you to join her at another chapter’s philanthropy function. No matter what it may be, our sisters hold us accountable. 

Sisterhood is active. You live sisterhood every day and it is something that makes an impact on your life. Sisterhood is taking that extra step to help a sister in need, picking up a sister from the airport, spending time with a sister when she doesn’t want to be alone and lending a shoulder to cry on. 

Sisterhood is a bond that lasts a lifetime. 

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