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Building Your Personal Brand For Recruitment

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

At some campuses recruitment does not occur until the second term, giving potential new members like you four months to make their mark on campus. It’s a time for you to get to know women in sororities and for them to get to know you before you participate in recruitment. This time allows you to build your personal brand, which leaves an impression on sorority women before you meet them during recruitment. Here are a few tips to keep in mind during your first term on campus:
Be yourself. Each sorority has many different personalities, and you will find the one that is right for you. When you meet upperclasswomen who are in a sorority, don’t try to be someone you think they will like. Just be yourself. Dress in clothes that make you feel comfortable, whether they are preppy, boho, sporty, edgy or chic. Don’t be afraid to share your opinions and speak your mind. 

Clean up your social media accounts. You want to portray a well-rounded version of yourself online. Take down questionable pictures or posts if someone could misinterpret them. Your Facebook , Twitter and Instagram profiles should reflect the best version of you. In addition, this will benefit you when you look for an internship or a job. 

Speak positively about every chapter on your campus. Being on campus for a term before recruitment occurs lets potential new members get to know sorority women. You will begin to form your own opinions about individual chapters. You also may hear rumors about individual chapters. Regardless of what you may hear and what you may think, keep that information to yourself. You never know who may be listening to what you are saying, and the stereotypes may not be true.

Keep an open mind. You will meet many upperclasswomen who are chapter members, and you might start to picture yourself in a chapter before recruitment begins. Even if you think you know what chapter you want to join, don’t rule out the possibility of accepting a bid to a chapter you hadn’t considered. You never know who you’ll connect with during the recruitment process.

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