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Leadership Opportunities That Come With Sorority Membership

Friday, January 01, 2016

Sorority membership offers many lifelong benefits. From making new friends to becoming more involved on campus, joining a sorority can help you grow as a person in many ways. One of the main benefits of joining a sorority, though, is the abundant amount of leadership opportunities that become available to you.

Each NPC organization requires different leadership structures from their chapters, but all of them are run by some sort of executive board that must be approved by the chapter. Often times, there are also non-executive leadership roles available as well, so there are many opportunities to step up in your chapter.

A lot of campuses with a College Panhellenic offer leadership programs for their chapters’ leaders to attend. They may brainstorm ideas together, talk about their campus culture, recognize emerging leaders and/or listen to keynote speakers.

Similarly, NPC organizations offer national leadership academies and regional leadership conferences for their members as well. These programs offer unique experiences for collegiate leaders, giving them the opportunity to network with and learn from members and alumnae of their organization from all across the country.

This month, the National Panhellenic Conference will be hosting its 2nd annual College Panhellenic Academy, which is a resource for chapter leaders everywhere. During Academy, attendees receive officer-specific training, attend a variety of breakout sessions and listen to inspiring talks from leaders in the Panhellenic community.

Holding a leadership position in a sorority and attending available leadership programs can help you learn valuable skills such as time management, teamwork, public speaking and how to communicate clearly; all of which can benefit you in your professional life.

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