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What Are Advisors?

Friday, April 01, 2016

Advisors play a significant role in the function of sorority chapters. Each organization is different and has different areas that advisors support. Advisors get involved through a variety of ways: volunteer alumnae members, faculty, fraternity/sorority life or student activities staff, house boards and organizational staff and volunteer officers. The goal of an advisor is to ensure that each chapter is successful and has a coach to provide them with guidance regarding policies and procedures. No matter which way an advisor becomes involved, each has the chapter’s best interest at heart. 

The first type of advisor is a volunteer alumnae advisor. Setting a positive example and being a good role model is their main job. They give their input and advice on how things should be organized. Advisors are expected to come to all chapter and officer meetings. They are also the liaison between the chapter and the inter/national headquarters. Most importantly, they are there to ensure all members are fulfilling their duties and having fun. 
The second type of advisor is the faculty and staff advisors. This advisor is employed by the university or college that the chapter is located at. They serve as the liaison between the chapter and the school. They are there to sign all documents that need approval from the school, serve as an on-campus resource. It is important that these advisors create a good reputation between the chapter and the school. Above all else, faculty advisors should create a sense of trust among the members and themselves. 
The third type of advisor is the office specific advisor such as Treasurer, Education, New Member, Academic etc. These advisors work specifically with the individual that holds the position. They help them create ideas and events that correspond to their position. This advisor is expected to be fully knowledgeable on the position they are advising. It is expected that the advisor and officer meet often to ensure that everything is going smoothly. Lastly, as a sign of support, these advisors are expected to attend every event that the officer puts on. 
Without advisors, many chapters wouldn’t be successful. They are full of guidance and knowledge that helps chapters succeed. The month of April is dedicated as Advisor Appreciation Month where each organization is encouraged to thank their advisor. National Panhellenic Conference encourages this by creating materials and ideas to help thank these individuals. Chapters are very grateful that these advisors donate their time and knowledge. Without them, many chapters wouldn’t be the chapters they are today.

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