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Stay Involved After Graduation

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Graduation doesn't mean that a sorority member's experience must end. There are multiple ways to stay involved after graduation. Joining an Alumnae Panhellenic chapter is a great way to stay involved.
Alumnae Panhellenics
Alumnae Panhellenics are community organizations affiliated with the National Panhellenic Conference that are made up of alumnae from different sorority chapters. The purpose of these associations is to inform sorority women of current trends, promote the sorority experience, improve the Panhellenic image and stimulate a continuing interest in Panhellenic involvement. 
Promoting the benefits of lifelong sorority membership is a major priority for Alumnae Panhellenics. Each organization varies in its approach toward this priority. Activities may include hosting educational events for members, raising scholarship funds for high school, undergraduate and graduate women, supporting philanthropic causes in their communities, doing service projects with local charities and hosting social functions. Many also host informational sessions to promote sorority life to potential new members, like you.

Alumnae Panhellenics also provide support to nearby colleges and universities with sorority chapters by lending advice and expertise for educational programming, sending well wishes for events and offering recruitment support. They also provide an avenue for alumnae women to network outside of their own chapters.

Truly Alumnae Panhellenics are organizations that work to advance the sorority experience after graduation. If you join a sorority, take some time to learn more about Alumnae Panhellenics and how you can model lifelong membership.

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