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Sorority Officer Basics

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Toward the end of the fall academic term, sorority chapters choose the next group of officers to oversee chapter operations for the next year.

Every member organization has its own way of selecting officers, but most organizations use a slating process. Chapter members come together to choose officers from candidates who have asked to be considered for positions. The slate can be decided by a committee of members or by the chapter collectively. 
Different organizations set different qualifications for officer eligibility. These might include: a set GPA, being in good standing with the chapter and/or previous service as an officer for some positions. 
There are a handful of offices that every sorority usually has available to its members, but the number of offices and specific positions varies depending on the organization and, in some instances, the size of the chapter. Most organizations and chapters have the following positions, though they may be referred to differently: president, recruitment chairman, philanthropy chairman, secretary and treasurer. 
When newly elected officers transition into their new positions, the incumbent officer passes on everything she learned and acquired during her time in that office to the new officer. Incoming officers are encouraged to utilize outgoing officers for advice and guidance. To ensure a successful transition, organizations may offer webinars, leadership days or one-on-one meetings to prepare the new officers for their roles.

In addition, many sororities host regional conferences in the spring term for new officers to gain a further understanding of their roles. 
Aside from the countless opportunities for personal growth, leadership and networking, holding an office in a sorority is a great way to get involved within the chapter and the campus community.

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