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Your GPA and Sorority Recruitment

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Academics are an incredibly important part of sorority membership. In fact, many NPC member organizations include scholarship or academic success in their values and standards of membership collective values. Because academics are a major part of sorority life, they are also an important part of sorority recruitment. Here are three things you need to know about your high school GPA and how it will affect your sorority recruitment experience. 

1. Every chapter has different GPA requirements for new members: You are allowed to register for the recruitment process regardless of GPA because the College Panhellenics coordinating recruitment do not set a minimum GPA for potential new members per the NPC Unanimous Agreements. However, there may be a GPA requirement per the institution’s student handbook for participation. It is possible that you may not get invited back to a chapter where you had a great conversation after the first round if your GPA does not meet the chapter’s standards. You may also be released from the recruitment process if your GPA does not meet any of the chapter’s grade requirements.

2. Chapter GPA requirements may change once you are initiated: Sometimes, the GPA requirement for potential new members is the same as it is for active members and other times it is different. Often, the GPA for active members is higher to uphold the standard and value of the organization. Some chapters may extend a bid to a woman who is below the minimum GPA requirement, but such new members will have to work harder to achieve the higher active member GPA.In addition, if you decide to pursue a leadership role, there is a standard that officers must achieve to secure and maintain a position.
3. Every chapter has opportunities to help you achieve your academic goals: If all this sounds intimidating, don’t worry! Every chapter has someone dedicated to furthering academic success, whether it is an advisor, council member, or appointed sister. They will help you set up a plan to get your GPA on track and to reach your personal academic goals. It is a good idea to ask chapters about their scholarship plans when you go through recruitment.
It is important for you to understand the requirements, and to set realistic expectations of your recruitment experience. Many women choose to participate in informal recruitment or try again as upperclassmen to focus on improving their college GPA. If you get released due to grades, understand that it is a standard of membership for all chapters. Academics are such an important part of sorority membership and recruitment because it is the main reason why sororities were founded: to give women a safe space to advance academically. Think of your sorority experience as a chance to do that now!

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