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Recruitment Final Step: MRABA

Friday, August 11, 2017

In previous newsletters, we discussed how to prepare for the recruitment process and offered advice from sorority women regarding social media. But what happens when recruitment is over? Often times, potential new members think that once they leave the preference round, they wait until Bid Day to join their new home. However, before joining a sorority, there is one important piece of paperwork that needs to be signed. 

The Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement (MRABA) is a binding agreement, and once signed cannot be altered or changed. Most importantly, if you sign the MRABA and chose not to join a or stay in the sorority from which you received a bid, you cannot join another chapter until the next primary member recruitment period. 

Below, is an outline of the MRABA. Click here to see the form. First, you will fill in your information: name, campus address, campus phone number and the college or university you are attending. 

Next, you'll initial the following statements:
  • I am wiling to accept an invitation to membership from any sorority that I list on this agreement. 
  • I may limit my choices to one OR list any sorority whose preference-round event I attended, and from which I am willing to accept membership. I realize that by not listing the maximum number or events I attended, I may be limiting my potential to join any other NPC organization during primary recruitment should I not be placed with my choice(s). 
  • Once I submit this agreement, I am bound by the National Panhellenic Conference Unanimous Agreements, which state that if I receive an invitation to membership from an organization that I have listed and then do not accept it, I am ineligible to be pledged until the beginning of the next primary membership recruitment period on the same campus.
Following the above statements, you will list in order of preference which sororities you are willing to accept an invitation to membership. You sign in two places: after the initialed statements and after your preference list. 

Once the MRABA is signed, relax and wait until it's time to receive your invitation to membership and join your new home!

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