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Friday, October 13, 2017

The purpose of having a big sister in your sorority is to provide you with a mentor to assist in making your transition to college a smooth one. Big/little reveal is arguably one of the most exciting events you will experience during your time as a collegiate sorority member. Every chapter does big/little reveal differently, some women wear costumes or matching shirts, and some bigs are even wrapped up in giant boxes for their littles to open. Regardless of how your big is revealed to you, your sorority family will become an important part of your experience.

In your first year, your big is going to be your sorority mentor. She will help you feel more comfortable at sisterhood, social and philanthropy events because she has been through it all before and probably has a good idea of how you are feeling. Your big also will be there to answer any questions you have about the sorority and your new campus.

The second year your role will switch. Now you are the big and it is your responsibility to share your experience and help your little settle in. This is also when your crafting skills will be put to the test as it will be your turn to shower your little with gifts during her new member period.

What’s more, your role as a sorority mentor will not stop after you become a big because then you become a grandbig and a great grandbig! After spending years in your sorority, your little will look to you for help with her littles as you prepare to expand your sorority family together. Your role as a mentor never stops because you will always encounter new experiences and share your advice with the rest of your family.

Finally, it is important to remember every big/little relationship is different. Some sorority families will do everything together while others may only get an occasional dinner. Most likely you and your big will have something in common and that is why you either picked or paired up with each other. If you feel you and your big aren’t as close as you want, then don’t be afraid to ask her to get lunch on campus, go to a movie or do something you are both interested in. The type of relationship you have with your family is completely up to you and what you are comfortable with.

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