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Preparing for Recruitment

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Recruitment season is around the corner and many universities already have registration open. To best prepare for recruitment, you should know more about the process behind it.
Recruitment scheduling
Recruitment can be a whirlwind experience, and schedules and timing vary by campus. The College Panhellenic may schedule recruitment for 3-5 consecutive days or events may be spread over a longer time period. 
Recruitment orientation
First, the College Panhellenic on your campus may host an orientation at the beginning of the recruitment process. This event usually explains all the policies and rules, along with an overview of the schedule. 
Recruitment Counselors 
From there, potential new members (PNMs) - those registered for recruitment - may be split into groups led by recruitment counselors. These women are trained to provide support, guidance and an unbiased perspective throughout the process. Depending on your campus, you may or may not know which chapter your recruitment counselor is a member of as it should not influence your recruitment experience or your personal choice in selecting a sorority. 
Mutual selection process
On the first day of primary recruitment, considered Round 1, PNMs will visit each chapter. This will be your introduction to the entire community and all your options for membership.
Panhellenic recruitment is a mutual selection process. Use this time to get to know each chapter and ask about things you value. For example, if you value an organization that is service-oriented, ask the members about the service opportunities provided by their chapter. Also, continue to keep an open mind as you meet chapter members rather than relying on preconceived notions or secondhand information.
After each round of recruitment, you will prioritize which chapters you would like to visit during the next round. If you receive an invitation the next round to a chapter you indicated as a low priority, consider it an opportunity to get to know the chapter more as they have identified you as someone who fits their values and expectations. 
Membership recruitment acceptance binding agreement (MRABA) 
After Round 1, you will attend fewer and fewer events in each subsequent round as you narrow down your preferences for membership. The final round typically is called preference round.
After preference round, you will complete and sign what is called the Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement or MRABA. This agreement will ensure you are informed of your options in completing primary recruitment. Once you submit this agreement, you are agreeing to accept an invitation of membership from the organizations you have listed on your form. If you receive an invitation to membership from a sorority and choose not to continue, you will be ineligible to join another one until the next primary recruitment on the same campus.
Recruitment myths
  • You do NOT have to attend pre-recruitment events (like those hosted by a local Alumnae Panhellenic) to register for recruitment
  • You do NOT have to register with an Alumnae Panhellenic or the National Panhellenic Conference to register for recruitment on your campus
What are ways you can prepare for recruitment? 
The most important thing for you to know is you must register for recruitment with the local College Panhellenic. Visit the College Panhellenic website for your campus and find information on deadlines as well as the cost of participating in recruitment. Registration may include providing information about your GPA, involvement in activities and providing information about any family members who have also been a sorority member. You may need to register far in advance or you may be able to register the day recruitment starts.
Please know the cost of participating in recruitment is generally minimal and is used to cover the costs of food, transportation and other items you may use or receive as part of your participation. Be sure to put the deadline for registration on your calendar or any other requirements so you don’t miss the opportunity to participate. 
When looking at the date of recruitment, be sure to keep in mind the campus academic calendar. Recruitment may happen before school starts for that term, or it may happen during the school week. You may need to determine if there are any conflicts with recruitment and class or athletics so you can alert the College Panhellenic. This may also mean a need for time management in finishing coursework and attending recruitment events.
Do your research to know the sororities on your campus. Visit their chapter websites along with the websites of their inter/national organization. You can get a sense of their philanthropic and service events, scholarship requirements, requirements for letters of recommendations and opportunities for involvement the chapter has on campus.
Ask questions. Consider the mutual selection process like an interview. Chapter members will be asking questions about you, but this is also your opportunity to get to know the chapters.

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