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Sorority Life: A Values Based Experience

Friday, January 11, 2013

The Panhellenic Creed:

We, as Undergraduate Members of women's fraternities, stand for good scholarship, for guarding of good health, for maintenance of fine standards, and for serving, to the best of our ability, our college community. Cooperation for furthering fraternity life, in harmony with its best possibilities, is the ideal that shall guide our fraternity activities.

We, as Fraternity Women, stand for service through the development of character inspired by the close contact and deep friendship of individual fraternity and Panhellenic life. The opportunity for wide and wise human service, through mutual respect and helpfulness, is the tenet by which we strive to live.

As you can see from reading the Panhellenic Creed, National Panhellenic Conference sororities are values-based organizations. The Panhellenic Creed reflects the values in the missions and mottos of all NPC member sororities. The values these groups promote are intellectual development, leadership, friendship, citizenship and cooperation - to name a few.

Academic performance and intellectual development are two of the most important values that sorority women strive to achieve. After all, you go to college to get an education. Some ways sororities work toward these values are by creating positive relationships with faculty members, providing quiet hours in chapter facilities, hosting programs on managing stress and test-taking skills and having opportunities for mentors within members' majors.

Developing leadership skills is another important value for sororities. Each sorority wants to see its members succeed and excel in life. You can gain leadership abilities through holding an officer position, serving on a committee or planning an event.

Community service, philanthropic and citizenship opportunities abound. Sorority members volunteer for different organizations such as Reading Is Fundamental, Autism Speaks, Susan G. Komen Foundation and many more. Members also learn the ins and outs of fundraising by collecting money and planning events to collect funds for these organizations. Overall these activities teach sorority women how to be good citizens, and there are also chances to lobby members of Congress and to spread the word about the right to vote.

Sorority life can provide you with a positive, democratic, social experience; creates through our ideals an ever-widening circle of service; and offers value beyond college years.

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