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Ask Me About My Badge

Friday, March 08, 2013

Do you ever wonder why on some days the students on campus appear more dressed up than usual for just a regular day of classes? In most cases the only reason to dress up for class in college is if you're giving a presentation or going to an internship - unless you're in a sorority or fraternity. Many members of the fraternity/sorority community designate days to wear badge attire. Badge attire is generally more business casual than the usual day-to-day outfit. But the most important thing about badge attire isn't the choice of clothing; it's the badge a student wears.

A badge is a small piece of jewelry a member gets to wear after being initiated into a sorority or fraternity. Each member group has its own badge that is symbolic to its organization. The badge design represents the ideals and values that organization was founded on.

Through sorority membership, women receive their badge and promise to uphold the values of their organization. Not only is a badge a promise to the sorority, but it is also a reminder of the ideals the wearer holds. National Panhellenic Conference member group badges have specific meaning behind their design. Some symbols and icons could have secret meaning or signify a group's public motto.  

NPC established International Badge day in 1997. International Badge day kicks off women's history month. On the first Monday in March, International Badge Day is an opportunity for alumnae and collegiate members to celebrate their sorority affiliation and sisterhood in general.

International Badge Day was introduced after a member of Alpha Sigma Alpha, Nora M. Ten Broeck, wrote an article about her experience of wearing her badge to work one day. Something as simple as a piece of jewelry can be a great conversation starter and an opportunity to share stories about personal sorority experiences. 
If you are still curious about The Sorority Life and what a badge means to more than 4 million sorority women, follow @NPCWomen  on Twitter or search the hash tag #badgeday13 to find facts about badges of the 26 NPC member groups. 

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