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Monday, April 15, 2013

Sorority membership opens the door not only for memorable social experiences but also for many personal development opportunities. College is the perfect place to explore your interests and discover your strengths. 
Sorority members are encouraged to take advantage of the many opportunities their organizations provide to assist them in developing their personal and professional life skills. 
If you aren't acquainted with some of your sisters, joining a committee is a great step toward getting involved and meeting women of all ages in your chapter. As a committee member, you see the behind-the-scenes preparations of events and learn to work with a team. 
Collegiate chapters are organized by electing and appointing officers. The election process may vary among NPC member groups; however, many officer positions contain the same types of responsibilities. Offices you could hold in your chapter include sisterhood social chairman, new member educator, vice president of campus affairs or director of finance. These formal offices are good opportunities to strengthen communication, time-management and leadership skills. Sorority members holding formal offices also represent their organizations on campus with university staff, administrators and leaders of other campus groups.       
Sorority membership also provides opportunities for large-scale educational programming. Many NPC member groups host their own educational leadership programs for members interested in taking on chapter leadership roles. These leadership programs usually are funded by the organization's foundations with zero cost to members. By taking advantage of the leadership programs from national organizations, sorority members can expand their network while learning valuable life lessons. 
Opportunities for personal development are not limited to within a member's chapter. Many women represent their groups by serving as delegates on the College Panhellenic Council. 
Sorority women are influential, ambitious women on their campuses. Whether you're a new member or a rising sophomore, there are plenty of opportunities to gain experience and learn life skills through sorority membership.

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