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College Life: Supporting Your Team and Supporting Your Sisters

Friday, November 08, 2013

No matter what sport is your favorite, chances are you’re loyal to a team. Sorority women are no different, and supporting athletic teams can be a huge part of college life. Don’t be surprised if some of the athletes you’re cheering for or the fans cheering next to you are sorority women.

For some sorority women, supporting their team could mean supporting sisters. Sorority women are athletes too. Whether they play at the collegiate level, in club sports or on intramural teams, it is not uncommon for athletes to be sorority members. Athletes who are sorority members are fortunate to have many supportive fans. Chapter members may go to watch games, matches or other competitions as a large group. If you’re an athlete and a sorority woman, you’re guaranteed to have a large fan club! It can also be fun to plan road trips with sisters to athletic events away from campus.     

Many sorority and fraternity philanthropic events are based on athletics. A fraternity might sponsor a powder-puff football game while a sorority sponsors a kickball tournament. No matter which sport they choose, fraternity and sorority philanthropies use friendly competition to raise funds for their charities. These events are perfect for engaging the sisters who played on sports teams in high school but don’t compete at the collegiate level. As a sorority woman, you get the chance to support a philanthropic event and cheer on your sisters at the same time.

University athletics are great for sorority social events. You’re almost guaranteed to meet women in your sorority who are fans of the same sport as you are, and it can be fun to attend campus sporting events with a large group of sorority sisters. Some chapters host events for dads’ or moms’ days in conjunction with sporting events. For instance, a sorority might get a group rate on tickets for a basketball game and invite sorority members and their dads for a Dads’ Day event.

Deep down, the sorority experience is a lot like the experience of being on a sports team. Sorority women are loyal to one another and the values of their organizations. In the same way that teammates support one another in games to achieve a win, sorority women encourage their sisters on days of big tests or important interviews. A sorority’s support system is a lot like a sports  team’s support system. So whether you’re a huge sports fan or just a casual follower, it’s easy to support your team with sisters by your side.

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