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Finding Scholarship Success in College

Friday, February 14, 2014

One thing is certain, college is an expensive endeavor. Scholarships are one way to lighten the financial load.

Each of the 26 NPC sororities emphasizes a well-rounded student experience for undergraduate members. You will learn to juggle leadership roles, academic classes and philanthropic projects while having fun along the way. These activities build a great foundation for success and open the door for a wide variety of scholarship opportunities.

With so many options out there, it is often overwhelming to decide where to start a scholarship search. First, use your university resources. Speak to your campus advisor, stop in the financial aid office and explore the various departments on your campus for potential options. Many colleges announce scholarships that honor outstanding alumni, highlight specific majors and reward students for exceptional academic performance. You may also find scholarship opportunities that depend on a piece of your work, like an essay or research project.  

If you choose to join a sorority, there are additional opportunities for scholarships. Look to your sorority for foundation or chapter scholarship opportunities. NPC sororities have foundations that raise funds for awarding scholarships to members. These scholarships often honor students for leadership within the sorority and across campus while highlighting students with diverse undergraduate skill sets and backgrounds. Some organizations even have scholarships for graduating students intending to pursue higher degrees.

Don’t forget the opportunities as a Panhellenic woman for scholarships. Take a moment to research local Alumnae Panhellenics, because many offer scholarships throughout the year to undergraduates from their area. The College Panhellenic on your campus may also provide scholarships to Panhellenic members.

Finally, don’t forget to look into the scholarships offered by the National Panhellenic Conference Foundation. The NPC Foundation currently offers three different annual scholarships that commend members for serving the College Panhellenic community. You can start your search by visiting NPC Women and the NPC Foundation scholarship pages.

Being a sorority woman allows you to build qualities that assist you far beyond your undergraduate years. Remember to always be gracious to those people willing to help you with possible recommendation or reference materials, and be sure to highlight your strong character along the way. By using your campus and sorority resources, you are sure to find scholarship success! 

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