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Participating in Philanthropy on Spring Break

Friday, March 14, 2014

Philanthropy is one of the main pillars of inter/national sororities. Throughout the year, sorority women raise millions of dollars and participate in countless hours of volunteer work for important causes such as cancer research and literacy initiatives. These causes don’t stop when school isn’t in session, and neither do sorority women! There are countless ways to get involved in various philanthropic efforts over spring break. Here’s how:

First, focus on how you can make an impact in your own community. Although there are many opportunities to make a difference out of state or even out of the country, it’s important to recognize the causes in your own city or neighborhood. Spring is the season of renewal. Project examples include participating in a local neighborhood cleanup, taking part in a city beautification initiative or visiting a homeless shelter and soup kitchen. If you decide to attend a school away from home, this may be a chance for you to get to know your new community even better.

There are also several organizations that sponsor out-of-state mission trips. Many universities, for example, sponsor what is often called an “alternative spring break.” Example trips include disaster relief after floods and hurricanes, partnering with the American Red Cross or spending time on specific initiatives such as hunger relief in impoverished communities. These trips, unlike many spring break adventures, cost a comparably small amount of money while allowing you to give back and grow as a person.

In addition to sororities, many campuses have clubs that you can join with the sole purpose of volunteering or raising funds for an important cause. Remember to look for these organizations during university welcome weeks, and ask how you can make a difference. Many organizations with international initiatives sponsor spring break trips that will allow you to spend your free time gaining global experience and giving back abroad.

If you decide to join a sorority, you may choose to focus on making an impact on your sorority philanthropy over break or broadening your scope with something new. Visit your university volunteer center and ask how you can make a difference.  Remember, you can make your spring break about more than soaking up the sun!

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