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Brittany Hargrove



Brittany Hargrove

Outgoing and caring, Brittany Hargrove loves to make a difference on her campus and within the community.

Who I Am

50% jokes, 49% joy and excitement, 1% regular feelings. I’m basically Phoebe Buffay. That’s my personality. 


I want to pursue a career in brand strategy at an advertising agency and later go on to earn a Master’s Degree in Strategic Brand Communications. 

My Sisters

I love how supportive all of my sisters are. There’s always someone to help you with a project or to get coffee with and vent to. Phi Sigma Sigma has given me a group of women who love memes and Disney movies as much as I do. 

What is Sorority Life Really Like?

Participating in sorority life is a life-changing experience. I’ve has the opportunity to impact my community through philanthropy events, and have met women who push me to always aim high in whatever I do. The friendships and memories I have made by participating in sorority life will last a lifetime.

Favorite Band

Florida Georgia Line


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