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Bianca Pino



Bianca Pino

Sefless Bianca hopes to spend the rest of her life working for her sorority and becoming their National President.

Who I Am

I am an extremely warm and welcoming kind of person. I always treat everyone like I've known them for years, and have such an approachable personality. I'm very funny, understanding, friendly, and outgoing. I also am extremely driven and passionate - when I love something, I put in my 1,000%! I love to help others and am known to be extremely selfless.


My goal is to get my Masters in Higher Education and Student Affairs, while attaining an assistantship in the offices of Housing & Residential Life, Sorority & Fraternity Life, or Orientation Services. I also would like to be a Graduate Leadership Consultant for Sigma Kappa Sorority. Long term, I plan to be the Director of Sorority and Fraternity Life at a University and eventually work my way up the Sigma Kappa ladder to become National President.

Why I Joined

I joined a sorority because I desperately wanted a sense of a family. My parents had divorced when I was little and I have seen many step-parents come in and out of my life- with that came siblings that I grew attached to and also had to part with. I had known a few of my family members were Greek, but they had never really spoken about their experience. I decided that going Greek would be my way of getting a family, as well as building the self-confidence I had lost in high school. I really wanted to be a leader that had high morals, self-confidence, strength, and potential to grow. I certainly became that and more after joining my organization.

What is Sorority Life Really Like?

Life is best described as a roller coaster. It has it's ups and downs, has it's moments where you scream for joy and want to cry cause of fear, and most definitely has its twists and turns. Sorority life is that you don't have to go through life alone. Being in a sorority is life-changing because it challenges you to be more, to do better, and to be greater. It pushes you to your fullest potential, makes you grow as a person by accepting others, it creates a sense of purpose for your life, and develops your character. It's being able to rely on strangers, because although you may have just met them, in the end you just have that feeling deep down inside that tells you, "This person is someone I can trust."

Favorite Band

Taking Back Sunday, Anberlin, and Coldplay

Favorite Book

Anything by Cassandra Clare


My hobbies include painting, reading, writing, filming for my YouTube Channel, exploring new places with friends, and watching films/television shows


French Fries


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