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My College Lifestyle

Hannah Ektefaei


International Relations

Hannah  Ektefaei

Friendly Hannah hopes to take her studies abroad and live in another country.

Who I Am

I'm a fun and friendly person. I love meeting new people, and having new adventures. I'm pretty bright and bubbly most of the time. I'm also super talkative.


I want to attend law school in New York, to pursue a career as an immigration lawyer. I would love the chance to live and work in another country for a bit as well.

My Sisters

They are the most friendly and welcoming group of women I have ever met. From the very beginning, I knew they would stay my friends, whether I joined them or not. They are bold, beautiful, strong, and fierce, for sure!

My Advice

Trust the system, because it works better than you think. Seriously keep an open mind through the whole recruitment experience. Also, don't like a sorority for some superficial reason like their colors or mascot. Join a sorority because you like the sisterhood in it, not the things around it.

Favorite Song

Jackie and Wilson by Hozier

Favorite Book

An Abundance of Katherines by John Green


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