5 Benefits of Women’s-Only Organizations

Sororities offer a space for women to create deep friendships, speak about issues women are facing today and help one another grow into mature, successful women. Sororities were founded upon values that serve as a beacon for members—a common code of friendship, service, support and pursuit of excellence. From day one, members participate in programs that reinforce these values and provide positive, transformational experiences of personal growth. The benefits of these vital women’s-only spaces are endless, though we have compiled the top 5 reasons sororities are beneficial for all women. 

1. Community Support 

Sororities offer a space on campus where women can enjoy a sense of belonging, empowerment and personal development. Sorority women support, encourage and advocate for each other in every endeavor. These kinds of spaces are essential on a college campus where women can feel the most alone and need the most support. A sorority gives women a place to learn from others and find themselves without fear of judgment. With a little support from their chapter sisters, women can feel confident in bracing the world together. 

2. Leadership 

Through community support, women are able to grow into leaders, philanthropists and scholars. Sororities were founded on values and continue to function based on them. Sorority members are encouraged to lead by their personal values. Women learn life skills such as financial management, conflict resolution, goal setting, teamwork and time management. 

All of these skills are applied in their daily lives during and after college. Women who have the confidence to test leadership styles in college can use what they learned to get the job of their dreams, become a CEO or even start their own businesses. Confidence in one’s abilities doesn’t appear overnight; it is instilled through hard work and recognition of success. Sorority provides a vehicle for women to experiment and grow. 

3. Citizenship 

Women in sororities are dedicated to improving the world around them, and many do this through civic engagement. Sorority women volunteer their time, mentor students, raise funds for national and local philanthropic organizations, organize food drives, build homes and more. The desire to fulfill civic duty follows sorority women throughout their life. Each year fraternities and sororities raise more than $33 million for philanthropic causes and provide more than 6 million hours of service. The value of good citizenship fosters lifelong compassion and understanding in all sorority women. 

4. Academic Support

Academic achievement is a priority for sorority women as they strive to reach their goals. Members report substantially higher levels of academic involvement and graduation rates. Sororities offer substantial support and resources for their members to ensure academic success. This could be providing information for campus academic support, implementing study hours, encouraging members to study together and more. For graduates, their sorority membership is linked to a higher well-being and an increase of engagement at work. 

5. Personal Growth 

Sororities strive to develop members into strong, confident women. Studies show that sorority women experience higher gains in science, writing and thinking skills; better emotional support; increased engagement in college; and higher levels of community service. Having support and trust in one another sorority women develop a stronger self-appreciation that carries through to other areas of their lives. 

If you talk to any sorority member, she can provide an even longer list of benefits she has received through her membership!  Meet some of these women.


Alyssa works at National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) as the digital marketing specialist. She is a member of the Theta Zeta chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha. She attended IUPUI, where she earned degrees in public relations and English. Alyssa is a dog lover and podcast enthusiast.

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