How Recruitment Prepared Me for Life After College

As a collegian, I didn’t think about recruitment as training for the future, but I look back now and recognize so many things that have helped me post-college.

I have always loved Recruitment! It can be one of the hardest things we do as sisters but we do it together and that’s what makes it special and memorable! The hours and hours of conversation practice, rotation practice, song practice…practice, practice, practice, right? But isn’t it worth it on Bid Day? Who can forget the excitement when our new members arrive…the fun, the pictures and even that little bit of relief that we are done and can get back to “normal.” As a collegian, I didn’t think about recruitment as training for the future, but I look back now and recognize so many things that have helped me post-college. Here are my top take-aways:

1. I can have a conversation with just about anyone. I am naturally an introvert, but recruitment provided me with conversation skills that have served me well over the years.

2. First impressions are vital. You can rarely change someone’s first impression of you, so take the time to be at your best when it counts the most.

3. I can always find something nice to say about someone I just met.

4. I can read people’s body language and tell if they are engaged or not. We all had that PNM who wasn’t interested even though she was saying all the right things. I also learned to not take it personally…not everyone gets to be a sorority woman!

5. I learned that it is possible to function for a week on very little sleep and survive. This was most helpful when my newborns were not sleeping through the night!

6. Makeup and caffeine are our friends…especially after a sleepless night.

7. I can have a plate of food in one hand, a glass in another and sit down gracefully on the floor in heels and a dress. I know you’re laughing but this is a life skill. Several years after college, I was at a company picnic and sat down on the ground without spilling a thing. One of the company executives actually complimented me on my ability to do that!

8. I am able to promote myself, my skills, and my expectations in a way that doesn’t come across as bragging. Again, those hours of conversation skills, helping PNM’s feel comfortable during the parties, and learning how to promote ADPi has led me to have confidence in myself and my abilities.

Best of all, recruitment and my collegiate experience instilled in me a love and passion for sorority that will never go away. College is the beginning of your sorority journey and it gets better each year!

Special thanks to Alpha Delta Pi for providing this blog post. Visit the Alpha Delta Pi website to learn more about the organization.

Melinda Hall

Melinda is a member of the Zeta Lambda chapter of Alpha Delta Pi at Texas A&M University. Melinda has a long record of volunteering for Alpha Delta Pi. She has held positions such as director chair, district team director, housing resource director and more. Currently, Melinda serves as an international vice president on Grand Council.

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