6 Strategies to Prepare for Finals

End the semester on a high note with these 6 finals studying strategies!

Finals are just around the corner, though many of us would rather watch a good Hallmark Channel movie and drink hot cocoa than admit it. To help you end the semester on a high note, we have compiled 6 strategies to make finals a breeze (sounds impossible – I know!). 

1. Start early

Preparing for finals early is the best way to keep stress levels down and productively levels up! By doing a little bit each day the task of studying for finals won’t seem so daunting. Review the syllabus and start as early as you can on final preparations. Your future self taking the exams will thank you.

2. Make a study plan – and stick to it

To help you study a little bit each day, make a study plan. Schedule your time out and work on specific tasks at the time you said you would. Laying everything out on paper and ease anxiety and fears about the workload. Don’t forget to stick to your plan! Even skipping one day can throw you off and put you behind.

3. Reward yourself

To keep yourself on the right track – reward yourself! You work hard and looking forward to a reward after completing a task can push you to finish a task. Your rewards can be buying your favorite Starbucks drink, half an hour of social media time or, let’s be honest, a nap. Whatever you think can be a good motivation for yourself!

4. Create a study group

Working with others can be a positive way to work through the material and keep you accountable for your study schedule. Other students in your class may have insight into a section of the final that you don’t understand and vise versa. You might be able to teach something to a fellow student and the teaching method is a proven method to reinforce what you’ve learned.

5. Play to your learning style

If you are a visual learner, it might help to draw or write out problems, maps or quotes on a whiteboard or in your notes. Turn your study guide into a visual representation. If you are an auditory learner than perhaps reading or speaking aloud may help you. You might also try recording lectures or review sessions to listen to while you study. If you are a social learner ask a sister or a peer to study with you! There are lots of options to fit your learning style. If you don’t know you’re learning style, we recommend you visit this website.

6. Talk with professors and TAs

Schedule a meeting with your professors or TAs or visit them during their office hours. You can have them review your study guides and give you feedback. They might also offer you advice on specific areas to study. They are there to help you and they want to see you succeed! Take advantage of this resource and become even more prepared for finals.

There are a million more tips out there for studying for finals, but with these 6 strategies, you will be off to a great start! Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. Be in control from the start and you will get through finals. We know you can do it!


Alyssa works at National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) as the digital marketing specialist. She is a member of the Theta Zeta chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha. She attended IUPUI, where she earned degrees in public relations and English. Alyssa is a dog lover and podcast enthusiast.

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