Empowerment Through Leadership Positions

"When you have a position, you’re relied on by chapter members. Being on the executive board, I was looked up to by younger members. It was nice knowing I was making a difference for my chapter. "

In fall 2016, I started college at Illinois State University (ISU). I knew right away I wanted to join a sorority and I was eager for the recruitment process to begin. There were many sororities on campus, but once I met the ladies of Alpha Omicron Pi, I knew I had found something pretty spectacular. They welcomed me in with open arms and I was excited to start my journey with my new sisters.

My New Sorority Journey

The Beta Nu chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi was the newest sorority on campus, having only been installed a year before primary recruitment. Since we were a newer chapter, all members had to take on different responsibilities or leadership positions to help us succeed. Together, we all learned through trial and error. Four years later and we finally have a solid understanding of how to run a chapter smoothly.   

As a fashion major, I was always interested in more creative jobs like T-shirt chair or banner chair. I thought holding one of those positions would be the most suitable position for me. It wasn’t until I had my second internship the summer before my junior year that I knew I wanted to work with social media. I helped run an Instagram account for a Chicago boutique called Londo Mondo. I always loved taking photos and posting to my own Instagram, but as soon as I started doing it as a job, I grew a new love for it. In my junior year, I began thinking about applying for the vice president of communication (VPC). The position handled all the social media platforms for the chapter, and I knew it would be a challenge, but I was excited to run. When I was elected as VPC, I was over the moon with excitement.

My Position Journey

I spent hours each week editing photos, planning posts, and creating posters. Along with that, one of my goals was to make sure every girl was featured at least once. I wanted our social media to not only be beautiful looking but also authentic to our chapter. After this fantastic experience, I can honestly say It has changed me as a person. When you have a position, you’re relied on by all chapter members. Being on the executive board, I was looked up to by younger members. It was nice knowing I was making a difference for my chapter. I had girls tell me that our social media really reflected what our chapter was like and that it never felt fake or forced. The little comments like that made my job so rewarding. I now know what I want to do in the future and that is working with social media to represent a brand.

My Future Journey

This position made me realize the love I have for public relations and social media managing. I would have never decided that unless I took on this role. Because of role in Alpha Omicron Pi, I have decided to take more public relations classes and broaden my knowledge of the field. This position awakened a passion in me that led me to interview for the job of my dreams. I’m excited to see where this journey will take me and I’m so grateful for my sisters who encouraged me to take the first step in doing something that I love.

Isa Morelli

Isa attended Illinois State University and joined Alpha Omicron Pi in 2016. During her collegiate career, Isa served as her chapter's vice president of communications.

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