How Sisterhood is Getting Me Through This Pandemic

Never would I have thought we’d be in times like this. Everything is so uncertain and even going to the grocery store is something I have to think twice about. But, even with these unprecedented times, my Alpha Sigma Alpha sisters have remained by my side. From chapter meeting on Zoom, to group FaceTime calls with my sisters, this virus hasn’t put a stop on keeping our sisterhood alive. With all that’s going on, I think it makes staying connected and how we stay connected so much more important. Since you can’t just go visit your sisters at their house or sit and chat with them at a coffee shop right now, this makes you have to take it upon yourself to keep that bond.

Sisterhood Gone Virtual

For me, what has been really special while taking everything online, was doing our big and little reveal on Zoom. It was obviously different than what we’ve done in the past and what we had planned, but it didn’t change the excitement for everyone involved. Even me, a first time big, still found it just as exciting and special because we still made the time to have the reveal, even during the distancing. We still had other sisters come to watch and help by pretending to be their big’s. What I thought would be so different and not the same at all, ended up being just that, but in a positive way. When all of this is over, we’ll be able to do all the things we wanted to do with our littles beforehand, but we’ll also have that special memory of having to reveal over Zoom. Not many people can say they did that, which makes it pretty special. 

Chapter meetings were just as fun as well, even on Zoom. Our sisters would make light of the situation by changing their Zoom backgrounds or by joking with other just like we would do in person. The only part about having virtual chapter meetings that I didn’t like, was that they were cut short. But, one of the things we kept alive in our chapter meetings was a game of “pass the gavel,” (but obviously an invisible gavel) where a sister gives a shout out to another sister who did something great or has just been a good sister. That sister then shoutouts another sister and so on. Even though we couldn’t actually pass a gavel like we would in person, it makes you appreciate your sisters more. 

Continuing to hear from them and staying connected has made all of this crazy, not seem so crazy. We all know that we have to make due with what we’re given, which means going the extra mile to stay in touch. Even though we’re not physically seeing each other, we continue to hold each other accountable and support each other. We continue checking on each other and making sure we’re doing okay, keeping our stress to a minimum and still doing well in our classes.

One of the things that has been so fun is that one of our sisters has been making group TikToks. She invites sisters to send shorts clips and she then turns that into a video. It’s so fun to see the final video and how even with the distance, we can still have our fun. Knowing that we’re continuing to be invested in each other’s lives makes me know that years from now, we’ll be doing the same things to stay in touch. Having my sisters by my side during these uncertain times is making the time go by faster and making me that much more excited to be able to see them again once this is all over. 

Relying on Sisterhood During Hard Times

I still talk to my sisters on a daily basis, so it’s like we never left each other’s side. Although it may not always be the same, staying in touch and keeping that connection with them is what makes me remember how special our sisterhood is. As my chapter’s PR chair, I’ve also seen how other chapters and sororities within my Panhellenic community are staying connected. It makes me happy to know that sisters aren’t giving up on their bond, even with being apart.

I was worried about losing that connection with my sisters when we left campus. But, I’ve found a new appreciation for our sisterhood, whether we are together or not. Sisterhood is the little things. The texts, the FaceTime calls and the memories we create together make me that much more grateful to have my sisters in my life!

Bri Hall

Bri is a member of Alpha Sigma Alpha from the Theta Zeta chapter. Bri attends IUPUI where she is pursuing a degree in communications. She previously lived in Texas for three years with a host family while she was there training for the junior national gymnastics team.

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