Five Safe Ways to Have Fun and Connect Your Sisterhood

As we navigate these trying times, there are some safe alternatives to the events we usually hold to spend time with our sisters. Right now is an especially important time to make every effort in connecting with one another.

As we navigate these trying times, there are some safe alternatives to the events we usually hold to spend time with our sisters. Right now is an especially important time to make every effort in connecting with one another. Below are some ideas on how we can stay connected virtually and safely! If you need help thinking through the logistics of hosting a virtual event, I suggest you check out this Gathering Guide by the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC).

Pen Pal Program (via email or USPS)

Throughout the school year, we are used to seeing our sisters frequently (if not every day). One fun way to stay connected is implementing a virtual or postcard pen pal program. Sisters can choose to keep this anonymous & plan a future reveal at a later date or simply from the start know who they are sending the mail to. This is a sure way to brighten someone’s day and strengthen sisterhood from a distance. 

Virtual Game Nights via Zoom

Thank goodness for modern technology! Virtual apps now have the ability to assist in running a game night with several people on the platform. The possibilities are endless when you google “virtual games for Zoom” and you could even have the breakout sessions to create individual teams that can begin to play against one another. Virtual games can bring sisterhood together (and sometimes it also brings out everyone’s competitive side).

Host a Watch Party

Pick your favorite movie on Netflix and have a virtual Movie Night with your sisters. This is a fun way to spend time with one another and also have someone to answer all your questions and/or acknowledge your responses to the movie. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Disney Plus all have hundreds of options to choose from. Plus, some streaming services offer a “watch party” feature to bring together people in separate locations. After the movie (or tv show) you could plan a fun light-hearted discussion about it and talk about what sisters liked or didn’t like about the movie. Use social media to host a vote for which movie you’ll be screening. This gets sisters engaging with one another virtually and can build excitement for the movie. For some added fun, encourage members to dress up as a character from the movie or in a similar theme. 

Hold a Virtual Alumnae Event

We are all in the same boat right now, your alumnae may be interested in hopping on a Zoom call just to chat with sisters about how things are going right now! You can still plan networking events as right now we more than likely we all have the freetime to hop on a Zoom call for 45 minutes. Utilize the breakout option on Zoom to separate each alumna & active member by career field and send some topic questions to the alumna ahead of time. This is a great way to connect alumnae and help your current members learn more about their career field. For added fun, consider inviting alumnae to fun sisterhood events you are planning. 

Virtual Crafts

This one may be tricky, but crafting together via Zoom may be a fun option to keep sisters feeling engaged and supported. Budget allowing, check out Pinterest and pick out a simple craft that everyone can do at home. Buy the basic craft supplies in bulk (popsicle sticks, watercolor paint, etc.). Create small care packages with the supplies and ship it out two weeks ahead of the event so members can get all the supplies beforehand. Hold a Zoom call where you all make this craft together and show off your finished product to one another!

Right now, it’s definitely hard to have everything virtual and sisterhood can suffer if we don’t take the right steps to protect it. This is a time we need to try harder than ever before and get creative to help connect members across the country. 

Alicia Cauthen

Alicia is a member of Kappa Alpha Theta from the Beta Mu chapter. She attended the University of Nevada, Reno where she received her bachelor’s in psychology and sociology. Alicia also worked at Walt Disney World for six months during the Disney College Program!

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