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How I Stayed Socially Connected During The Pandemic

"If you ever feel lonely or isolated, reach out to a friend or a sister. Set up a video chat or a simple phone call. When we’re trying to stay socially connected during a pandemic, it makes a big difference."

I was finishing up my last semester of college when COVID-19 had quickly swept across the world. I remember waiting to go to my night class on a Monday night when I received an email from the university president saying that classes were canceled for the rest of the week. I was thrilled to have a two-week spring break, but little did I know that that moment would be the last time I would step foot on campus. When I received another email from the university president and learned that my last semester was going to be completely virtual, I was heartbroken. I realized that I wasn’t going to see my sisters, friends, classmates and professors for the rest of my senior year. All those events and parties I was looking forward to, were canceled. Worst of all, I never got a proper goodbye to my alma mater.

Once I moved back home, my social life completely changed. It was like I completely forgot how to have a social life. Not being with my sisters and friends made me feel totally isolated from society. At one point in time, I had an over-the-phone conversation with a friend but completely forgot how to talk. I became unproductive, unresponsive, and I did not want to do anything that wasn’t sleeping or eating. That’s when I realized that I had to start adapting to this virtual world and find a way to be social again.

Reconnecting With Friends

I reached out to my close friends and sisters who I missed the most and set up times to have weekly Zoom calls. Whenever I didn’t have class, I would either be on a Zoom call or reaching out to someone to schedule one. Honestly, it was the best thing I’ve done for myself and for others because even though it was a virtual call, I still felt like I was having an in-person conversation.

I recently reached out to an old friend from college, who I haven’t seen in over a year, and we managed to set up a Zoom call to catch up. Having friends who live more than twenty minutes from me was a little difficult to see, especially during the pandemic, but having Zoom calls made it feel like we were not that far apart. It really helped me regain my social and communication skills, and that feeling of loneliness was finally gone. I was able to reconnect with friends that I haven’t seen in a long time, and it was an amazing feeling.

Changing the Way We Communicate

I never thought Zoom calls would become a part of my social life and the main way of communication. I still prefer to have in-person conversations, because it is more authentic and helps improve our understanding of other’s emotions and body language. However, during a global pandemic where you have to stay socially distant from others, it was the only way I could stay socially connected to society.

If you ever feel lonely or isolated, reach out to a friend or a sister. Set up a video chat or a simple phone call. When we’re trying to stay socially connected during a pandemic, it makes a big difference.

Finally, remember that there’s always someone to talk to, and they’re just a phone call away.

Amanda Cruz

Amanda is a member of Alpha Sigma Tau from the Beta Omega chapter. Amanda attended Monmouth University where she received a bachelor’s in business administration.

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