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What Do My Letters Really Mean?

Being a new initiate into a sorority is full of excitement: you are making new friends, having new member meetings, meeting your big sister, and even going to fun sisterhood events for the first time. But it’s important to note that your actions, achievements, and decisions are now not only affecting yourself but your new sisters, too. Wearing your chapter letters to class or to your favorite coffee shop to study is a bigger deal than it may come off to be. As a sorority woman, you are representing your new chapter and everyone associated with it at all times. Now I know that can sound scary at first, but I am here to break it down for you so the letters across your chest exude the confidence you hold within!

What do you mean by “my letters?”:

Your letters are the actual Greek alphabetical letters that your sorority was established under. Letters are usually two or three letters put together to make the name of the sorority on your campus. Each sorority at your school is considered a “chapter” of your sorority. Just like a chapter in your favorite story, each sorority at each college or university is part of a national member organization.

“Authenticity is so imortant for you and your collegiate journey!”

Following chapter guidelines:

As you soon will find out, each chapter is so uniquely different. The values they uphold, the women that embody them, and the philanthropies they come to support all go together to create the sorority experience. The chapter that you join will have its own rules and regulations that it chooses to follow to best protect you and your sisters. It is so important that you, your sisters, the elected officers of your chapter, and your advisors are all aware of the guidelines that are set in place. They are meant to ensure that your experience is the best that it can be. If at any time you or anyone in your sorority have questions about if something should or shouldn’t be discussed, talked about, or understood, please feel free to contact your chapter advisor or anyone at the National Panhellenic Conference!

Being your authentic self:

As mentioned earlier, the sorority experience is about YOU! This is your journey to hopefully make lifelong friends and connections that will allow you to be yourself and live out your passions. Throughout this process of new membership education, initiation, and even through graduation, we want you to have the best sorority experience you can possibly have. Authenticity is so important for you and your collegiate journey. Being who you are all of the time and surrounding yourself with a sisterhood that accepts you at your highs and lows is so special. By putting on your letters, you are showing that your organization is proud to have women like yourself represent them on your campus and for the rest of your life. It’s an honor and a privilege to wear your sorority letters, and we are so proud that you chose to go through this experience!

Liz Lamkin

Liz Lamkin is a Marketing Intern at the National Panhellenic Conference! She is currently a senior studying Marketing and Business Law at Butler University and is a part of Alpha Phi (Epsilon Beta) chapter there on campus.

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