Christy Weber: Service and Philanthropy

Christy Weber is a member of Alpha Chi Omega and a recent recipient of the Real. Strong. Women. of Distinction Award. This award honors Alpha Chi Omega women who are working toward their dreams and inspired by their sorority experience to become the best version of themselves. 

“Being a bit entrepreneurial, I have done many things that would be considered by the mainstream as ‘successful,’” Christy Weber says. “But I measure success in a different way – by how many lives I have touched and how I have impacted some else’s life in a positive way.”

The leadership and passion that Weber exhibits is inspired from her collegiate Alpha Chi Omega experience.

“I didn’t realize it then, but those years laid the groundwork for the future,” she says. “When starting college, I was extremely shy and quiet. By the end of college and my years as a collegiate Alpha Chi, I had developed more confidence in myself and was encouraged that anything was possible.”

Weber is the founder of two nonprofit organizations, Guatemala Outreach and Shoes & Hope (soon to be merging together as Shoes & Hope). With the mission to address clean water, sanitation and hygiene in developing countries, Shoes & Hope has a focus on building relationships and working alongside the local population to create sustainable change.

“My greatest accomplishment is recognizing that success doesn’t have to equate with money and power,” Weber explains. “Success can be something as simple as loving others and helping others.”

Weber, who has performed mission work in seven countries, also serves on the executive board of the Board of Directors of her local Chamber of Commerce and volunteers with several other nonprofits. She has learned that, by partnering with other local nonprofits and sharing resources, she can create programs and change that help more people.

“Through these boards, I have been able to both learn from others and teach others about ways to serve different people groups through nonprofits without causing more harm than good and avoiding unintended consequences,” she says.

Special thanks to Alpha Chi Omega for providing this article. Visit the Alpha Chi Omega website to learn more about the organization.

Emma Austin

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