Jen Glantz: Entrepreneurial Spirit

When you are young, parents and teachers always ask what you want to be when you grow up. Some of us know from a very young age, and for others like Alpha Epsilon Phi member Jen Glantz, you really can’t predict what your career path will be. In 2014, Jen started her first business – Bridesmaid for Hire. From there she became the author of multiple books, started a podcast and founded a coaching business.   

The Power of One Craigslist Ad

While Jen’s success has grown over the past few years, it started in a very simple way – with a Craigslist ad. “In my early 20s, a lot of my friends were getting engaged and I was always the bridesmaid,” Jen said. “But when I was at weddings, I noticed there was no one to be there for the bride.” Jen explains that the wedding planner is always busy running the wedding and the bridesmaids are enjoying the wedding, leaving no one to tend to the bride’s needs. So, Jen decided to fill that gap in the wedding industry and posted an ad on Craigslist as a bridesmaid for hire.

According to her website, within two days of posting the ad, Jen had more than 250 responses from people all over the world wanting to hire her.

From there she formed an entire business, hiring other women to be bridesmaids (including her sorority sisters) and attending weddings as the bride’s personal assistant. From planning the bachelorette and bridal parties to being the peacekeeper at the wedding, Jen and the others who work for her do it all.

The Drive of an Entrepreneurial Spirt

Over time, Jen began to follow her other passions while still operating and acting as CEO for Bridesmaid for Hire. She has written multiple books about her businesses and started a coaching and consulting company. She has been hired by large companies such as Google and HBO and worked on the opposite end with coaching individuals in career transition and entrepreneurship. 

In 2018, Jen was going through a rough time in her life and she decided to start her own podcast. She was comparing herself to those around her and felt like she was stuck. So, she decided to start a dialogue about all the problems and struggles she was facing by creating the “You’re Not Getting Any Younger” podcast. On the show, Jen is open about her current struggles and failures in order to help others going through similar experiences. “I don’t want people to feel alone,” she said.

One of Jen’s books that she wrote about her experience.

“A couple of years ago I was going through personal stuff. I spent too much time sulking in negativity. I compared and contrasted my life to others. I said, ‘Jen stop, you aren’t getting any younger.’”

Jen Glantz

The Positive Influence of Sorority

Jen’s podcast offers a small insight into her public speaking abilities. As a sorority woman, Jen discovered she loved motivational speaking and working with women. By serving her chapter and later her national organization as a traveling consultant, Jen discovered her passion for empowering others and motivating them. That passion is still evident in everything Jen does professionally. Her work shows how she wants to help those around her, especially other women.

Jen graduated from college more than 10 years ago, but her sorority still plays an important role in her life today. Through the years she has continued to meet and reconnect with sisters all over the country. Jen’s experience shows that sorority membership can be transformative and provide you with skills you will use throughout your career and lifetime.

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