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We all know 2020 was a whirlwind experience, especially when classes became online in March. While we may feel like we have gotten the swing of things, we’re all navigating the new sorority experience as it has taken a virtual turn. It’s common for us to lose touch without being physically present at all our normal chapter events. This has caused many sorority women to search for ways to keep chapter members engaged in the experience. Below are some ideas on how you can help improve chapter morale by being a virtual leader without holding an officer role!

Attend all virtual chapter meetings.

Chapter meetings may look different for everyone. Whether you’re having chapter bi-weekly via Zoom, or your chapter has found a way to safely have them at a distance, try to attend as many as you can. Chapter meetings keep us up to date on the happenings of our chapter and also provide a time for us to focus on our ritual and sisterhood. Don’t take these virtual or distanced opportunities for granted, they serve as an anchor to our sisterhood and a reminder for us to stay engaged. Seeing your sisters can add be a much needed mood booster, especially if you had an overwhelming week or just need some extra support in your life. Or if you had a fantastic week, it’s always nice to celebrate your wins with sisters. By attending your chapter meetings, you serve as a role model that can empower other women to do the same. In addition, your attendance means so much to the women who plan these events. 

Participate in virtual sisterhood events.

You may have had sisterhood events become only hosted virtually. And while you may not want to jump on yet another Zoom call after your hour-long evening class, I encourage you to give it a shot. These events are helping keep our sisterhood strong and women connected in a time when so many are feeling alone. If you have a great idea for an event, let the overseeing officer know! Right now can be a tricky time for brainstorming events everyone will enjoy and attend, but we have some ways to build your sisterhood virtually and have fun while staying safe

Don’t take these virtual or distanced opportunities for granted, they serve as an anchor to our sisterhood and a reminder for us to stay engaged.

If you have extra time, check-in with your officer board to see how you can help morale.

On top of academics, your officers have been navigating how to operate a chapter or College Panhellenic during a pandemic. They may be feeling overwhelmed, anxious or nervous as they try to navigate their roles to the best of their ability. See if you can have a quick phone call or text conversation with them, asking if they need any help. They will appreciate you reaching out, and might take you up on the idea! With our resources being limited, officers have had to think outside of the box to create new fundraising events, participate with their philanthropies, execute sisterhood events, and more. A friendly nod of support would mean the world to them during this overwhelming time. 

Check-in with your sisters who may be struggling.

Maybe you haven’t seen her at the last few virtual events, or perhaps you’ve seen her social media where she’s expressed that she’s been stressed – I encourage you to reach out. 2020 provided us with a lot of obstacles in a short amount of time. We are all still not used to the new world we live in. School alone can be hard, but navigating an entirely virtual experience proves to be more difficult. If you notice a sister who may be having a hard time, text her to see how she’s doing. You may be experiencing the same thing and you can both be a support for one another. In a highly virtual world, it’s easy to feel alone even if you’re at home with family. If you’re not comfortable with reaching out directly, you can also let the officer who oversees the development of members in your organization,= and encourage them to reach out as you’ve noticed this member may be struggling. 

Right now, our sisterhoods need leaders who will bring positivity. If you have the extra drive to make your sisterhood stronger during the virtual experience, I encourage you to take the steps above to help out! As mentioned above, this virtual experience can be very isolating and chapters can have low morale naturally due to all the outside factors. It’s important to come together and make your chapter a safe, happy haven for members. 

Written by: Alicia Cauthen

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