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Every sorority member who has attended a convention can tell you what a special experience it is. But what is a convention? What makes it so special?

Conventions are large programs hosted by the inter/national sorority. Collegians and alumnae of the sorority come together to learn more about — and grow in appreciation for — their organization and to develop new skills as leaders. While at convention, sorority members attend educational sessions and workshops on a wide variety of subjects, from recruitment to personal development. Attendees learn about organizational policies and best practices for executing their positions. Leadership and personal development is often a major topic and many sessions will teach members about leadership styles, conflict resolution, communication styles, etc. 

In addition to learning, there are opportunities to socialize, network and have fun, too. Attendees meet sisters from throughout the U.S. and Canada and strengthen their bonds of sisterhood. They also interact with the headquarters staff and inter/national officers who oversee the daily welfare of their sorority. Organizations award outstanding chapters and recognize individual accomplishments at convention. It is a time of celebration, learning and sisterhood.

Convention is a time to reflect on why you joined your organization and what you love about it as well as growing and connecting with sisters. 

Most conventions take place every other year during the summer. During the non-convention years, most organizations hold smaller regional conferences, similar in structure and purpose. As you consider your journey as a lifelong sorority woman, consider the outstanding opportunity convention attendance provides for leadership development and as a chance to expand your sorority experience.

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