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My favorite memory about joining a sorority was when I became a big sister. I remember my big/little reveal like it was yesterday. The theme was “gift wrapping”. The big sister was wrapped in their choice of wrapping paper, and the little sister was given a small piece of the same wrapping paper to find her big. I was so excited for my little to find out who I was, and when she did it was such a fun time for both of us. Now, she has become one of my closest friends in my sorority.

I’ve always wanted to become a big since I officially joined my sorority. Being a big sister is not about having the title. It requires taking responsibility and helping their little sister succeed within the sorority. But, it’s also much more than that.

Being a big sister includes:

Being a Mentor

One of the most important responsibilities of being a big sister is being a mentor to your little. Personally, being a mentor was one of the reasons why I was excited about becoming a big sister because I wanted to help set a successful and empowering example for my little sister.

As a big sister, my job was to help my little become successful in the chapter. To do this, I inspired her to get involved with workshops, philanthropy, and sisterhood events. I also positively impacted my little by expressing strong professional skills that I learned from attending workshops and conferences and holding leadership positions.

As a mentor, it is helpful to have a goal for your little, and my goal was to help inspire her to become a successful young woman in the chapter. The support and encouragement I gave her were all aimed at helping her reach that goal.

Connecting with Your Little

It’s important for big sisters to connect with their little sisters, so a trustworthy bond can form. You can also support your little sister in their endeavors that may not be related to the sorority (i.e. – clubs, sports, debates, projects, etc.). Two of the biggest things my little and I have in common is that we both have a love for Disney, and we have the same ethnic background. This allowed us to instantly connect on a deeper level. Find what and your little connect on and use it as a starting point to build a deeper relationship.

Joining a sorority is a new experience and can be overwhelming for some new members. A big sister should be the one to help their little get comfortable within the chapter or even college life. Having big/little dates, adventures, and deep conversations helps create that needed bond.

Providing Academic Assistance

It’s important for big sisters to help their little sisters academically. I remember struggling to do well in one of my business classes, so I reached out to my big for some academic advice. She had a different major than me, but she was still able to help relieve some stress and ask me what I needed help with. Luckily, she connected me with some of her friends that performed well in the class, and we set up study sessions where they helped me study. I passed the class with flying colors and was thankful to have my big sister by my side.

Lastly, being a big sister is all about being there for your little. It’s a big’s job to guide their little on the path to success, and always be a positive support system when the little needs it the most. Remember, big sisters are portraying the role of a mentor to their little sister, so it’s important to set good examples for them. In the end, you’ll have an amazing connection with your little.

Written by: Amanda Cruz

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