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Joining a sorority was one of the highlights of my college career. I made so many friends, developed leadership skills, networked with other fraternity and sorority women, and created a lifetime of memories. I knew my time as a collegiate member was coming to an end and I was about to graduate from college and soon become an alumna. I didn’t want my experience to end. I learned so much from Alpha Sigma Tau (AST), and I didn’t want to say goodbye. However, this wasn’t the end. I had to remind myself that sisterhood is for life and that I will always and forever be a sorority woman.

Being a sorority woman has provided me with such an impactful experience that I wanted to give back and continue my involvement past my collegiate years. When I graduated, I went on the Alpha Sigma Tau website and found numerous ways I could stay involved as an alumna. All National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) sororities have many ways you can stay connected to your organization and help further the interests and ideals of your sorority. Below are a few things I learned as a recent alumna. 

Donating to Your Organization’s Foundation

NPC sororities often have a foundation that provides funds for programming, educational tools and even scholarships to collegiate and alumni members. Donating to your organization’s foundation is a great way of supporting the future members and growth of your organization. Like many sororities, Alpha Sigma Tau collects donations that are used towards academic resources to better their members such as scholarships and innovative programs. Since my collegiate experience has been impactful, I want to help share the experience with others as well. Many organizations offer great programs that allow you to donate as often and as much as you’d like. Some organizations offer programs to pay monthly or just once a year. No matter how much you donate, you know that your money is going toward creating a powerful and educational sorority experience for future members. 

Writing a Letter to a Sister

One of the best things about joining a sorority is making new friends and building a network. Writing letters is a great way to keep connected to you sisters and your organization as a whole! Writing letters is more authentic than texting or even hopping on a Zoom call. In fact, writing letters provides another skill of connection itself and how we express ourselves through handwriting words. Personally, I have a pen pal whom I write letters to every month because it keeps that authenticity and history of communication and connection! 

Join an Alumnae Chapter

By the time I graduated, I wanted to maintain my collegiate experience. Joining an alumnae chapter was a perfect way for me to keep connected and help impact not only my chapter, by other chapters in my area! Joining an alumnae chapter has helped broaden my understanding of the sorority experience because I was able to meet and work with sorority women from not only Alpha Sigma Tau, but other NPC organizations. For instance, I became a member of the Central New Jersey Alumnae Panhellenic Association (CNJAPA). Just like during my collegiate experience, we have quarterly meetings that are similar to “chapter meetings”, create fundraisers and events, and collect donations to support our collegiate chapters in New Jersey. I am still maintaining my sorority experience but on a more professional level. 

Attending Conventions 

Conventions are a great way for alumna to stay connected to their organizations, meet sisters from other chapters and celebrate and recognize the members who made a large impact in the organization. Conventions also provide workshops, meetings and luncheons to make the experience fun and exciting. I attended Alpha Sigma Tau’s Convention and had the opportunity to meet and connect with multiple chapters and sisters I wouldn’t have met otherwise! 

Staying Connected on Social Media 

After becoming an alumna, I knew that I wasn’t going to be as connected with my chapter as often, so staying connected on social media was one of the best things I did! I also joined a Facebook Community for AST alumna, where I connect with fellow alumnae and learn the ropes of adulthood. 

Remember, there are so many ways to stay connected as an alumna. Just like the collegiate experience, the more involved you are, the more you will get out of the experience. If you don’t know where to start, visit your organization’s website to learn about alumnae involvement and connect with other alumnae in your area who can offer advice. Remember, you are in control of your lifelong sorority experience. Getting involved and being tied to Alpha Sigma Tau has impacted my life and will continue to for many years. Always remember that sisterhood is for life and not just for four years. 

Written by Amanda Cruz

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