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Continuous open bidding (COB) is an informal recruitment process that allows sororities to continue to recruit new members throughout the year. COB has no set structure and happens following the primary recruitment period.

Why COB?

COB allows sorority chapters who are not at total to extend more bids to fill spaces in their organization. That’s important, but COB is more than that. It is extending the lifelong privilege of sorority membership to as many women as possible. All sorority members have been impacted by their membership and COB is another way to offer that positive impact to more women on campus.

The COB Process allows sorority women to extend more bids and provide the lifelong privileges of membership to as many women as possible.

Benefits of COB

There are plenty of benefits to COB, for you personally and your entire chapter. Let’s dive into some of the top reasons!

1. You get new members!

This one is obvious, but having new women join your organization really is an exciting time. You get to share the organization you love so much with other women and watch them become empowered by the experience in the same ways you were. Because of your efforts, whether you planned events, invited women to events or just talked to potential new members (PNMs), you are rewarded when you share the incredible experience of sorority with another woman.

2. You can build stronger connections with sisters.

Chapter members often grow closer during recruitment practices, workshops and events. You bond as a chapter and share in the pride of your organization. That same bonding experience can happen during COB as well. You get to have fun, informal events with sisters and grow those relationships you already have and perhaps form some new ones too.

3. You can expand on the skills you gain during recruitment.

Primary recruitment allows you to grow skills you will use your entire life. COB allows you to continue that growth and expand on it. You can use COB to build on your communication and leadership skills and practice time and stress management. You will thank yourself later for developing those skills in a safe and supportive environment alongside your sisters during COB. 

4. You can better connect with some PNMs.

We’ve already discussed how you can better connect with your chapter sisters during COB. At the same time, you may be better able to connect with PNMs due to the more relaxed, intimate structure of COB events. Some PNMs may prefer the less formal structure of COB. Being in this environment may help them step out of their shells more and make deeper connections with chapter members.

We COB because it is a great way to bring in new members and also benefit you and your organization. It is time to view COB as an opportunity for PNMs, the sorority and you!

Are you planning COB events? Check out this blog post by NPC to learn more.

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