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Every member has their own unique story of why and how they joined a sorority. As a part of campus primary recruitment, College Panhellenics may utilize recruitment counselors (sometimes called Rho Gamma or Gamma Chi) to assist potential new members (PNMS) through the primary recruitment process. Recruitment counselors serve the Panhellenic community by often disassociating from their own chapter to serve the entire Panhellenic community by serving as a guide and resource to PNMS during the recruitment process.

So why should you apply to be a recruitment counselor?

You will develop Panhellenic friendships.

In your role as a recruitment counselor, you will have the ability to work closely with other Panhellenic women who share the same desire to add women into the Panhellenic community. Getting to know other Panhellenic women not only extends your own network in college but also provides an opportunity to develop lasting friendships beyond your collegiate experience. 

You can get an in-depth look at the strengths of each Panhellenic chapter on your campus brings to your community.

You’ve likely had the experience to witness sisterhood in your own chapter, as a recruitment counselor you’ll have the ability to learn about each chapter’s sisterhood and what motivates that chapter and makes their sisterhood unique.  

You get to serve something bigger than yourself.

While all chapters recruit to find their new members, recruitment counselors have the privilege to recruit all PNMS into the Panhellenic sorority experience. Being a recruitment counselor requires individuals to be selfless and to seek to provide the best support for all PNMs. Serving in this role goes beyond making an impact in your own chapter and persists to make an impact for all chapters. You have the privilege to help PNMs find the sisterhood that is going to leave an impact on their lives.

You can grow your empathetic listening and coaching skills.

PNMs participating in recruitment have a variety of different expectations and assumptions about the recruitment process. Because of this, the reality is that all PNMs need someone to listen empathetically and coach them to make the decision that is best for them. Recruitment counselors get the opportunity to ensure PNMs are heard, feel seen and are actively supported throughout the recruitment process.

You are a role model.

For many PNMs, their first experience at the authentic sorority experience is through their experiences with their recruitment counselor during recruitment. Recruitment counselors represent the best parts of sorority membership to PNMs. They represent authenticity, empathy, service to the community, involvement and leadership. By having strong women to see as role models, you help shape the way PNMs view the sorority experience and show how the sorority experience can empower them.  

You can meet new students and/or current students who are unaffiliated.

Your little corner of your campus is about to get bigger! Recruitment counselors can meet and connect with students across the campus who are interested in pursuing a sisterhood that values the Panhellenic community bring to campus. Not only will you get to guide them at the beginning of their sorority journey, but you’ll be able to continue this relationship beyond the recruitment experience.

You get to expand your own sorority experience.

Being able to serve as a recruitment counselor provides a different outlook not only on the sorority experience but also on your own experience. While PNMs might not know your affiliation, you represent sorority and your chapter to the community in this role. It’s a unique way to broaden your perspective as a sorority member. You can witness PNMs experiences with chapters and reflect on your own joining experience. You expand your knowledge of the sorority community and have the chance to appreciate each organization on campus.  

You are tasked with authentically sharing your sorority experience. 

Recruitment counselors have the opportunity to build trust with PNMs as they walk through the recruitment process with them. This allows both the PNM and recruitment counselor to be their most authentic self. Recruitment counselors help validate to PNMs that being your most authentic self is the best way to maneuver through recruitment rounds and find the right sisterhood for them.

You champion the overall sisterhood message.

In this role, you will be able to build connections with PNMs who will want to know more about the sorority experience. As a recruitment counselor, you can champion the message of authenticity, inclusion, philanthropic spirit by sharing your story, encouraging PNMs and supporting all Panhellenic sororities.

You invest in the future.

Supporting PNMs through their joining journey ensures that your College Panhellenic continues to recruit high-quality members who value the tenets of your Panhellenic community. Giving your time and talents to guide PNMs this year means that in the years to come, your Panhellenic will continue to be empowered, inclusive and impactful.

Written by Hannah Haulsee

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