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Oftentimes a selling point for becoming a member of a sorority is that the experience can help women prepare for their future beyond college. Specifically, through sorority membership, women have the opportunity to apply and hold officer positions allowing them to gain skills that can prepare members for their future career. Membership in a sorority can also lead to networking events and internships to get your foot in the door to figure out if your career choice is the right fit for you. Although, these opportunities are not the only potential benefits of a sorority membership.

“As many new members learn, the sorority experience is what you make it.”

Going through the recruitment process and accepting a bid into your chapter is just the beginning of what can be a lifetime experience.

Going through the recruitment process and accepting a bid into your chapter is just the beginning of what can be a lifetime experience. Within the experience, each chapter has its own program for new member education. Beyond these first few months, a member can forge their own path in their chapter. As many new members learn, the sorority experience is what you make it. You can choose your level of involvement past the basic membership requirements that include attending business chapter meetings, completing community service hours and attending various events.

For me, I see the sorority experience as a place to form lifelong friendships and create bonds of sisterhood to help you through difficult times and celebrate with you in times of success. It is also a place to gain skills in an array of facets from what you may be studying for your major to skills that will directly benefit you in a future career.

My sorority experience, specifically, not only led to lifelong friendships but also led me down my career path within higher education. After joining my sorority, I knew that I wanted to make the most out of my experience, but still wanted to put schoolwork and other involvements first, including my involvement on the school newspaper. At the time, my goal was to be a journalist. As I finished my first year on campus and chapter elections opened up in the fall, I applied to a chair position with my chapter for oversight of social media. This position directly aligned with my career goals at the time. As I held this position I learned more about how different officer positions could help me gain different skills. Eventually, I held a position on the College Panhellenic at my institution.

Choose Your Experience

Today, I work within higher education as an admissions counselor helping students forge their own path to their future career. Additionally, I continue to serve as a volunteer for my own sorority along with a couple of other sororities. When I joined Delta Gamma as a freshman I knew to expect lifelong friendships and an ability to continue to serve the local community through philanthropic efforts. Although, what I did not expect was the opportunity for personal growth, specifically with my career path. I often think back to when I accepted my bid and that I was not completely sure this was the right path for me. Although I promised myself I would be open to the experience and any opportunities this sorority membership could bring. As I look back on my collegiate years, I do not regret the leadership positions and opportunities I said yes to. If anything, I regret not saying yes to more.

Each sorority experience is different based on the individual.

But the one fact that remains consistent is that each individual is in control of what their sorority experience will be. You may be someone who joined a sorority to find other women who have the same interests as you but can also challenge you. Through thick and thin, they will always be there for you.

You may have also joined a sorority based on the philanthropic focus to give back to the local community and perhaps the national landscape. Take a moment and tune inward to discover what your motivation was for joining your chapter. Next, think about how you want to look back on your sorority experience. Third, take action steps to create the experience you want and, who knows you may be just as surprised as I was to end up where I am.

Written by: Abby Margulis

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