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As sorority women, we know the powerful impact the experience can have.

That also places upon us the responsibility to promote the sorority experience and all its benefits. That can sound daunting and many don’t know where to start. Hosting a sorority recruitment information event is one way to share the experience with others.

A recruitment information event provides all the information potential new members (PNMs) and their caregivers need to know about recruitment, membership, National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) and member organizations. This is also an excellent opportunity to showcase Panhellenic spirit and sisterhood.





These events should be hosted by sorority alumnae who are from a variety of member organizations. This allows attendees to see the diversity of organizations and members. All the alumnae attending should be aware of the importance of providing accurate information about the modern sorority experience and lifelong benefits.

In the planning stages, you will want to arrange all the materials for the event. NPC has all the resources you need to host your information event. Review the materials and resource guide to help prepare you for the event. NPC has created powerpoints, worksheets, an FAQ sheet and more to prepare you for this event.

If you would like to have collegians at the event, now would be the time to start contacting local College Panhellenics. The collegians can provide input that appeals to college-bound women and their families. It can also make the experience more impactful for them.


To present this information you will need an audience. The best way to contact PNMs is to build relationships over time. There are key groups that you can work with to build these relationships.

High schools are a great place to start. Reaching out to guidance counselors, advisors, teachers and coaches to share information about the sorority experience. Explain the purpose of the recruitment information event and invite them all to attend. You should also ask them to publicize the event and marketing materials to college-bound women. You can also look into tabling at events and using school publications as a way to make contact with high school students.

Community colleges and community events are other places to connect with PNMs. At community colleges, you can connect with the student activities office on campus to promote the recruitment information event materials to those students who plan to transfer to a four-year institution.


Marketing materials should be consistent, clear and visually appealing. Remember to use social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to promote the sorority recruitment information event.

You should also market to the specific audiences we’ve discussed. Take some time to research community organizations in your area that you could reach PNMs or their families. Sending marketing materials their way can be the start of them attending your event.

These are just the basics of how to host a recruitment information event. Many Alumnae Panhellenics across the country host events like this every year. Connecting with them could be your first step to getting involved and advancing the sorority experience.

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