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The National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) sororities are social organizations and many women join looking to build connections and friendships with others. For the safety of everyone, sorority is switching to a virtual experience on many campuses. That can leave chapter leaders at a loss for ways to connect and engage members. We want to help you host engaging and exciting virtual events for your members, so we have pulled together a list of some great ways to help members build relationships and stay connected to the chapter.

Virtual Events

Hosting virtual events is the best way to be completely safe at this time. Even if your campus is not completely virtual, you should think about hosting virtual events for the safety of your members and the campus community. There are also a lot of resources available to make virtual events engaging and fun. Check out these ideas to keep your sisterhood active during a virtual experience.

Game Nights

Host live gaming competitions. There are various resources that allow you to play games virtually and share your screen with the chapter. Think about games like Pictionary, Charades, Card Games, Lip Sync Battle and more.

Watch Parties

Use tools like Netflix Party to watch your favorite shows or movies with chapter members. Have a vote to chose which show or movie you are going to watch as a chapter.

Health and Well-Being

It is no secret that stress and anxiety levels have risen during the pandemic. Consider the well-being of your chapter members and find ways for them to bond with sisters and still take care of themselves. Plan events like group meditation, yoga or a workout to help members stay active. You can also consider a virtual spa night and send members or ask them to buy facemasks and other spa items. Allow members to chat about their week and relax with sisters.

Develop Hobbies

Have sisters share their hobbies with the chapter. If one sister is really good at baking, have her host a baking night and teach others. Think about hobbies like drawing, knitting, cooking and more. If you don’t have members who have hobbies, teach them! Find out what members are interested in learning and learn together. Use resources like YouTube, to learn together.

Brunch or Dinner

Find time to have brunch on the weekends or dinner together over video chat. This is a time for members to just bond and talk about their week. Think about incorporating some of the fun event engagement ideas below.

Engagement During and Before Meetings

While these ideas are fun ways for members to bond, we know you will still be having meetings like chapters, trainings or other events where members might be on video for long periods of time. The best way to get members to attend and stay engaged is to take breaks to have a fun break or put a fun twist on these events. Take a look at some of the ideas below.

Virtual Storytelling

Break up business meetings with fun storytelling events using items members have in their homes. Ask members to go grab an object that is meaningful to you and your membership and explain why. Or, ask them to get a photo or object that tells the chapter more about your friends or family. This is a great way to learn more about members and get a fun break.


You are hosting virtually so why not engage members on social media? Host a social media contest using a specific hashtag for an event. Offer prizes for those that have the funniest caption or the most unique photo. You can also allow chapter members to vote. This is just another way to engage your members.

Secret Game

Make a secret game and send the members a teaser before the event. For example, pick a color and attendees who are wearing that color shirt will win a prize. Get creative and think about what would engage your members.

Guessing Game

Have members guess who a guest speaker will be. Post clues leading up to the event and have members guess who it is.


Set a theme for chapters or other events. Have members dress in certain styles or outfits or change their Zoom background to fir that theme. For example, host a beach day, sports day and have members fit that theme. Make sure you are avoiding the appropriation of cultures with these themes.

Advice for Hosting In-Person

While some campuses are still allowing in-person events, please make sure you are following all local and state guidelines for host events. You should really think through if hosting an event in-person is worth it. If you need help planning a safe in-person event, check out the NPC Gathering Guide for a step-by-step guide.

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