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First, congratulations! You’ve finished school and become an alumna of your sorority. Finishing college is a huge deal! Your sorority experience has likely guided you and the thought of those days behind you can be a little saddening. Luckily, just because you’ve graduated college your sorority membership doesn’t end. Being a sorority member means lifelong membership. Let’s look at how you can stay an active member of your organization now that you’re an alumna.

Join an alumnae group

All sororities encourage active involvement after graduation. One way they do this is by offering alumnae chapters members can join. Alumnae chapters function much like collegiate chapters that they host meetings, hold sisterhood events and participate in service activities. They also offer additional opportunities. Being in an alumnae chapter allows you to meet more sisters from a variety of chapters and continue to grow meaningful relationships with other women. Alumnae chapters allow women to continue growth through leadership opportunities and networking.

Join an Alumnae Panhellenic

While all sorority women proudly wear the letters of their organization, they are also members of the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC). This gives sorority women the opportunity to continue their lifetime membership in a unique way. Alumnae Panhellenics provide the opportunity for sorority women from all member organizations to connect and grow together. Similar to member organization alumnae chapters, Alumnae Panhellenics offers opportunities for leadership, sisterhood and service.

Joining an alumnae chapter and an Alumnae Panhellenic is possible and can be a great way to maximize your sorority experience.


In addition to joining an alumnae group, you can volunteer as an alumna. All member organizations offer a variety of volunteer opportunities so you can be as involved as your schedule allows. Some volunteer opportunities are just for an event where you can host a workshop, provide event support and more. If you want to be more involved you can volunteer regionally or even at the chapter level. It is encouraged you speak to your member organization to figure out what level of volunteering is best for you.

When you hear collegians say “it isn’t for four years it is for life” that isn’t just a saying, it is the truth. If you allow it, sorority can continue to impact your life years after graduation.

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