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Sisterhood events are the perfect way to get to know your sisters better and take the pressure off of connecting with each other.

Sisterhood events are the perfect way to get to know your sisters better and take the pressure off of connecting with each other. Sisterhoods were my favorite part of my collegiate sorority experience. I loved being able to take a few hours to relax and bond with my sisters. Getting to know the new members and making them feel welcome is very important, especially at the beginning stages when they are trying to choose their big and going through their new member education. Take a look at some ideas listed below.

Sisterhood Ideas

Canvas Exchange:

Pair the older members with new members to exchange canvases. This is a great budget-friendly sisterhood idea to get to know the new members better. Most new members give out lists of their favorite colors, TV shows and patterns, so the older members can take a look at that list and learn something new about their sister. Set up a paint night, play some music, and let the exchange begin.

Big/Little Mixer

Choosing a big can be a daunting experience for some new members, especially if there haven’t been many opportunities to meet all of the other women. My sorority introduced the idea of big/little mixers and I think it has definitely helped foster relationships. Your sorority can choose to do whatever they feel like, but we chose a game night because it allows for easy team-building exercises and bonding. The mixer also takes the stress off the new members about having to reach out to the older members.

New Member/Senior Sleepover:

This sisterhood idea can give the seniors a chance to pass on any words of wisdom to the new members before they graduate. New members and seniors are also the groups that get to spend the least amount of time with each other so this is perfect to give them a little personal bonding time together.

Game Night:

This one is super easy to do! When we did game night with another organization, we played one giant game of Mafia, “The game models a conflict between two groups: an informed minority, and an uninformed majority. At the start of the game, each player is secretly assigned a role affiliated with one of these teams. You can find game rules here. This game gave us a chance to work together and focus on teamwork. There are plenty of other group team building and fun activities you can find that start growing relationships in your sisterhood.

Ice Cream Social:

This is the perfect event to give you a chance to sit back and talk to the other women. Get your ice cream and then find different things to bond about, you can do it in big groups or one-on-one! The programming/sisterhood chairs can come up with prompts for you to start off with if they like.

Like I said before, Sisterhood’s are my favorite thing and I was so glad that I got a chance to participate in as many as I did before I graduated. Hosting sisterhood events allow chapter members to connect and grow relationships. It builds a strong connection to each other and the organization. These are just a few of the millions of options to choose from. The one thing I realized during my collegiate time is that the women may love to have all these different opportunities to choose from but nothing beats a good old game night at the house with your favorite people.

 I hope that these sisterhood events will allow you to become closer to not only your new members but everyone as a whole. Don’t forget- your sorority is only as strong as your sisterhood.

Written by Nicolette Fannin

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